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Half board
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Run the Giants: Tor des Geants – Conquer the Scenic Trails of Aosta Valley

Experience the thrill of trail running paired with stunning vistas and a touch of comfort on the “Tor des Geants: Trails of the Giants” tour in the breathtaking Aosta Valley. This exceptional journey retraces the inaugural stage of the legendary Tor des Geants, guiding you from La Thuile to Cogne. Accompanied by experienced guides, you’ll savor single tracks, explore awe-inspiring landscapes, and indulge in delectable cuisine while bonding with fellow running enthusiasts.

Tour Highlights:

  • Trail Running Paradise: “Trails of the Giants” caters to passionate trail runners looking for the perfect balance of challenge and comfort. You’ll enjoy accommodations in three and four-star hotels located in charming villages along the route, ensuring that your well-earned rest complements your trail running excitement.
  • Uncover the Tor des Geants: Your adventure kicks off with a pickup in Courmayeur, followed by a scenic drive to La Thuile, the starting point of your trail running expedition. Strap on your trail shoes and prepare to conquer several mountain passes around 3,000 meters high, including Col de la Crosetie (2,838 m), Col Fenêtre (2,840 m), and Col Entrelor (3,002 m). Along the way, you’ll be captivated by views of snow-capped peaks, serene glaciers, and cascading waterfalls.
  • Taste Trail Magic: After an exhilarating day on the trails, you’ll descend into charming valley villages, where the flavors of local cuisine await your eager palate. Indulge in delicious regional dishes to replenish your energy before retiring to the comfort of your hotel room for a well-deserved rest.

Guided by Trail Experts

Our experienced guides are intimately acquainted with this challenging terrain, ensuring your safety and enhancing your enjoyment of this extraordinary journey. The trails you’ll conquer aren’t just beautiful; they are renowned worldwide for their breathtaking splendor.

Embark on this Exciting Adventure:

The “Tor des Geants: Trails of the Giants” tour delivers not only a thrilling trail running challenge but also an unforgettable journey through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Italy’s Aosta Valley. So, lace up your running shoes, prepare to be enchanted by breathtaking views, and gear up for the adventure of a lifetime.

Half board
Five nights in refuges or 3-star hotels
Five day point to point trail running tour
Min. two persons
Guided tour
Flight / Transport to Milan Malpensa

Additional information

MonthAugust, July, September

Day 1

Arrival at hotel in Courmayeur. Welcome briefing by guides.


Day 2

Stage description: La Thuile to Valgrisenche

Breakfast and transfer to start. The tour offers a spectacular ascent along the Cascate Rutor waterfall, where along the way there is the opportunity to get up close to the rushing water on bridges and viewpoints. The tour passes Rifugio Deffeyes (2494m) and Lago Rutor as well as the Rutor glacier. Lunch at rifugio Deffeyes and view of the glacier. Then passage of Passo Alto (2860m) and past Bicvacco Promoud. On the way on, the Col de la Crosatie (2838m) is passed and on the way down the lake Lac du Fond very close. Both passes that have to be climbed are very spectacular with fantastic views. in Planaval and take bus transport to Valgrisenche where we spend the night in a good hotel.

Tour Data:
Distance: 27 km
Up: 2463m
Down: 2356m


Day 3

Stage description: Valgrisenche to Eaux Rousses

We start by going towards the Chalet de L’Epée before passing the Col Fenêtre (2840m). Then follows probably the most technical and difficult descent of the entire route towards the town of Rhêmes Notre Dame, where a stop is made for lunch. Then it goes up towards the passage of Col Entrelor (3002m), which marks the start of the Gran Paradiso National Park. Then follows a fantastic and very long descent towards Eaux Rousses, where along the way there is a view of Grivola and beautiful mountain lakes. Today’s route ends at Hostelleria du Paradis, which is the depot on the TOR route. Here we spend the night. Transfer to Pont Valsavarenche the next day

Tour Data:
Distance: 30.3km
Up: 2526m
Down: 2502m

Hotel example: Hotelleria du Paradis


Day 4

Stage description: Traverse between Rif Vitorrio Emmanuell II and Rif Chabod

The round trip between the two high refuges offers fantastic views of the many peaks in the Valsavarenche valley. Among other things. can be seen both Gran Paradiso and Mont Grivola. We take the bus down to the large parking lot at Pont, which is full of mountain enthusiasts who want to hike, climb or ski. There is a wonderful atmosphere and the area exudes the joy of the outdoors. Along the way, we stop at both refuges and enjoy the fantastic views. Afterwards, we spend the night in the Hotel Gran Paradiso and there is therefore the opportunity to explore the area further – in other words, there is free play.

Tour Data:
Distance: 15.1 km
Up: 1128m
Down; 1006m

Hotel example: Hotel Grand Paradiso


Day 5

Stage description: Eaux Rousses to Cogne

Transfer to Alta Via 2 at Eaux Rousses to start today’s stage.The day first offers the passage of Col Loson (3299m). This is the highest point of the trip, which offers a really demanding ascent through fantastic surroundings. We are enriched with a view that gives a stomach ache. Then follows a very technical section of route and descent towards Rifugio Sella (2584m). On the way towards Sella there is a very high probability of seeing ibex. Very often you see large herds up to 20-40 animals staying on and around the walking route. We make a stop at Rifugio Sella before the relatively simple descent towards Valnontey. From there it is a few easy kilometers until we arrive in Cogne. Transfer to hotel in Courmayeur.

Tour data:
Distance: 25.4 km
Up: 1814m
Down: 1700m


Day 6

Breakfast and departure