8 days
Luggage transfer

Explore Gran Canaria’s Natural Wonders on a Week-Long Self-Guided Hiking Adventure

Embark on an extraordinary self-guided hiking journey across the enchanting landscapes of Gran Canaria, where each day offers a new chapter in your story of exploration and adventure. This captivating island beckons you to uncover its rich history and well-kept secrets as you traverse nature trails like the Caldera de Tejeda, Fortaleza de Ansite, Barranco de Agaete, and Azuaje gorges. With luggage transport to make your experience seamless and stress-free, you can focus on the wonder of your surroundings.


  • Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga: Marvel at the awe-inspiring grandeur of Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga, two monolithic giants that tower nearly 2000 meters above sea level in the Caldera de Tejeda. They offer unrivaled vistas and a profound connection to the island’s natural beauty.
  • Fortaleza de Ansite: Step back in time as you explore the Fortaleza de Ansite, where the Guanches valiantly defended against the Spanish conquest. Their legacy of resistance and resilience still echoes through the centuries.
  • Barranco de Agaete and Azuaje Gorges: Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes of the Barranco de Agaete and Azuaje gorges. Here, dense reed and willow groves, ferns, laurel trees, and endemic plants create a mesmerizing environment. These nature trails invite you to discover their hidden wonders, ensuring each step is a captivating experience.

As you embark on this week-long adventure, you’ll find yourself exploring an island that boasts an incredible diversity of landscapes. From the rugged peaks and steep valleys to the serene green gorges and ancient historical sites, Gran Canaria has it all.

Each day, the natural wonders of the island unfold before you. The Caldera de Tejeda, a volcanic basin with jagged ridges, stands as a testament to the island’s fiery past. Here, the Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga rise like sentinels, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the island’s varied terrain.

The Fortaleza de Ansite is a glimpse into the island’s history. As you explore its ruins, you’ll discover the stories of the Guanches who defended their land against Spanish conquistadors, leaving behind an enduring legacy of courage.

The Barranco de Agaete and Azuaje Gorges are a contrast of vibrant greenery amid the arid landscapes. As you venture into these gorges, you’ll be surrounded by lush flora and pristine streams, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Throughout your self-guided hiking adventure, the convenience of luggage transport ensures a stress-free experience. You can immerse yourself in Gran Canaria’s natural beauty, culture, and history without the burden of heavy bags.

Prepare to create your own masterpiece of adventure and exploration on the captivating island of Gran Canaria. With the added convenience of luggage transport, you can fully immerse yourself in the island’s most beautiful nature trails during your self-guided hiking tour, painting unforgettable memories along the way. This is your opportunity to connect with the heart of Gran Canaria’s natural wonders.

7 overnight stays incl. breakfast.
Luggage transfer
Service hotline
Detailed travel documents
Welcome briefing
Printed maps


Flight + public transport
Travel insurance
Tourist tax, if due

*This tour is based on a minimum of two participants. Only the services mentioned above are included in the price.
Luggage transfer is only available for two or more participants.

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Discover Gran Canaria’s natural wonders on a self-guided week-long hiking adventure with luggage transport. Explore Roque Nublo, Fortaleza de Ansite, Barranco de Agaete, and Azuaje gorges, connecting with the island’s rich history and captivating landscapes. Enjoy the convenience of luggage transport as you hike through beautiful nature trails.


Total distance:  57,5 km
H+:  3045 m
H-:   3129 m
Level: Moderate


Day 1

Pick up on arrival – Airport LPA and transfer to Tejeda, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain located in the heart of the mountains of Gran Canaria. Chek-in at Hotel Fonda de La Tea (or similar). Info meeting (video call) with local agent to introduce the program and facilities.

Hotel Fonda de La Tea


Day 2

Hike from Tejeda to Artenara, two of the most beautiful villages in the Canary Islands, skirting the Caldera de Tejeda and enjoying superb views of Roque Nublo, Roque Bencomo and Pico del Teide on the neighbouring island of Tenerife. Transfer back to Tejeda.

Hotel Fonda de La Tea


Length:  11,4 km
H+:  683 m
H-:  507 m


Day 3

Hike from Tejeda to Roque Nublo, an impressive stone monolith in the very centre of the island. an indescribable panorama spreads over the whole island during the walk through beautiful pine forests. Transfer back to Tejeda.

Hotel Fonda de La Tea


Length: 10,4 km
H+:  900 m
H-:  373 m


Day 4

A circular walk through the famous fortress FORTALEZA DE ANSITE where the Guanches made themselves strong against the advance of the Spanish and offered fierce resistance. Walk in the sunny southern gorges until Santa Lucía de Tirajana. Transfer back to Tejeda.

Hotel Fonda de La Tea


Length:  10,5 km
Height +:  298 m
Height-:  298 m


Day 5

After a short transfer to El Juncalillo, a small village in the northwestern peaks, the trail heads towards the coast through breathtaking ravines. The imposing BARRANCO DE AGAETE is the starting point of a permanent descent that ends at the Hacienda de Las Longueras, an old mansion in a spectacular colonial style.

Hacienda de Las Longueras


Length:  15,6 km
H+:  585 m
H-:  1372 m


Day 6

After the 4th walk, a break is needed. An excellent opportunity to visit the
PLATINIUM Coffee plantation and the surrounding valley where it is located. Or take a walk to harbor Puerto de Agaete (4 km away) to enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

Hacienda de Las Longueras


Day 7

The last walk takes us into one of the lushest and most forested areas of Gran Canaria: the BARRANCO DE AZUAJE ravine. From Firgas, known for its mineral water springs, the trail enters the Azuaje nature reserve, in an environment populated by dense reed and willow groves but also covered with ferns and laurel trees as well as other endemic plants. The path ascends the ravine on the left side, descending it on the right and cross the beautiful Paseo de Gran Canaria, on their way back to Firgas.

Hacienda de Las Longueras


Length:  9,6 km
H+:  579 m
H-:  579 m


Day 8: Departure

Transfer to the airport for departure.

Equipment and clothing to bring for Alpine hikes and runs
We’ve compiled a list of essential items you’ll need to take on your adventure in the Great Outdoors. While each trip has its own minimum requirements, we have split the list into “need-to-have” and “nice-to-haves”.

Need to have:

Lightweight, waterproof shell
Sunscreen with a high factor
Smartphone with a relevant trip app and a WhatsApp and code number for your local representative
Survival blanket
Thin hat, cap, and thin gloves (merino or similar)
Daypack for hiking (tours with luggage transport)
Duffel bag or similar (trips with luggage transport) — DO NOT pack in suitcases.
30 L rucksack on trips up to six days (without luggage transport)
40 L rucksack on trips of more than six days (without luggage transport)
Quick-drying inner layer
Shorts (quick drying)
Technical t-shirt (quick drying)
Fleece sweater for cool evenings
A pair of comfortable jogging bottoms or similar for the cabins
Good mountain shoes — trail running shoes or hiking boots
Light towel
Water bottle (1.5 L)
A pair of thick socks or light slippers (you can often borrow a pair in the cabins)
A few energy bars, fruits or similar snacks for the trip
Sheet liner — can also be purchased on-site (only if you are staying in a dormitory)
Small first aid kit
Comped or similar
Sleeping bag (on selected tours)

Nice to have:

Walking poles
Power bank
Sandals for the cabins
Plastic bags to keep things dry

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