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A hike through the Cinque Terre National Park

Cinque Terre is where centuries of history and areas of natural Italian beauty meet. This UNESCO World Heritage Site combines human engineering with Mother Nature to create the perfect backdrop for hiking in Italy. 

Nestled in the heart of the Italian Riviera, this idyllic location is characterized by its quintessentially Mediterranean homes, fishing communities and romantic settlements. Hiking the Cinque Terre offers a wide range of vistas — from large stretches of coastline to sprawling cliff-sides. But interspersed with these natural wonders are a series of towns and villages that make this particular part of Italy extra special.

Many of the coastal villages in this part of the world date back hundreds of years — as does the area’s unique architecture. The famous multi-coloured residential buildings of towns such as Riomaggiore and Moneglia are a sight to behold.

Featuring the perfect combination of uphill treks, downhill descents and flat pathways, there’s something in Cinque Terre for hikers of all levels.

Picturesque Hikes in Cinque Terre

Summer hikers in Italy can follow in the footsteps of hundreds of pilgrimages over the years with a challenging yet rewarding hike through the region. Beginning at Sestri Levante and ending in Portovenere/La Spezia, the picturesque hiking route takes in the very best of the Ligurian coast. 

Along the way, you’ll be treated to some of the Italian Riviera’s best eateries, culinary delights and boutique accommodations. Explore this beautiful area with friends families or fellow hikers to get the most out of the experience. And you can do just that with a hiking vacation in Italy curated and organized by Outdoor Italy.

Book your hiking vacation in Italy today, and enjoy this beautiful country with people like-minded people.

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Cinque Terre

This is an example of a hike in this region of Italy. Your final itinerary may be different depending on the availability of rooms at the time of your booking.


Total distance: 90 km
H+: 3500 m
Level: Medium


Day 1: Riva Trigoso

Day 1: Riva Trigoso

Our Italian hiking holiday begins in Riva Trigoso, which lies just a short distance from Sestri Levante. Your first night’s accommodation is a quaint farmhouse or boutique B&B in or around the settlement. We’ll make sure you receive all your maps, itineraries, and documentation before you start.

Our first evening during this hiking vacation on the Italian Riviera will feature a dinner of local Ligurian delicacies. We want you to immerse yourself in local customs and cultures, which is why we always like to choose a rustic eatery serving classic Italian dishes.


Day 2: Riva Trigoso – Moneglia

Your first full day of hiking in Italy begins with a leisurely walk along the coast to Moneglia. Characterized by its beautiful stretches of coastline, this leg of our Italian hiking holiday takes us along well-worn and ancient footpaths and a famous lookout that offers panoramic views of the region.

After a very rewarding three-hour hike through a range of landscapes, you arrive at our accommodation for the evening in Moneglia — a charming three-star boutique hotel serving local cuisine. We usually opt for a family-run B&B in the area that is housed in an ancient building that epitomises the town’s character and history.


Length: 10 km
Duration: 3 hours
H+: 400 m
H-: —

Day 3: Moneglia – Bonassola

Your third day of Italian hiking adventures begins with a hearty breakfast in our hotel. This promises to be the longest and most energetic day of our trip, so be sure to stock up on Italian delicacies. The first leg of the third day involves a hike along scenic footpaths to Deiva Marina. You then continue on to Framura and Bonassola — which will be our home for the evening.

This day of hiking on the Italian Riviera may prove a little too challenging for beginners. But if the six-hour hike is too much, there is the option to take a train from either Deiva Marina, Framura or Bonassola.

The six-hour walk to Bonassola is well-rewarded, as our accommodation for the evening is a cozy B&B in the heart of this seaside village. Spend the rest of your day by the seaside (a short walk away) or exploring the nearby tropical gardens. Then there is an opportunity to enjoy a few leisurely drinks on the terrace or gardens before another dinner of Italian classics.


Length: 21 km
Duration: 6 hours
H+: 1300 m
H-: —


Day 4: Bonnassola – Monterosso

Your fourth day of hiking in Italy takes us on a scenic walk to Levanto — a typically Italian town with lots of historic charm. Our route takes us along a series of ancient paths and tunnels. We may decide to take a more scenic route on the day, however.

We break up the day’s hiking with lunch in the town, and there’ll be a little time to relax on the beach before we continue our hike into the Cinque Terre National Park. The town that bears the same name is our home for the evening. You’ll spend the night at a charming, family-run hotel close to the Sanctuary of Soviore — surrounded by beautiful views of the Ligurian Sea and swaths of Mediterranean forestland. And to finish the day, another gastronomic adventure awaits!


Length: 20 km
Duration: 5.5 hours
Height +: 700 m
Height-: —


Day 5: Monterrroso – Volastra

More coastal wonders await us on day five as we hike from the Sanctuary of Soviore to an ancient sanctuary close to Vernazza. This charming village is one of five that grace the Cinque Terre National Park. You’ll stop here for an hour or so to enjoy a well-earned lunch before we continue our day of hiking in Italy with another beautiful walk to Corniglia. From there, the stunning vistas continue until you reach the charming settlement of Volastra — our home for the evening.

There’s an opportunity to enjoy a dinner of local Italian cuisine in this charming boutique hotel. A short distance from the train station in Manarola, our accommodation boasts stunning views of the Cinque Terre National Park — from a large rooftop terrace.


Length: 19 km
Duration: 6 hours
H+: 900 m
H-: —


Day 6: Volastra – La Spezia

It’s our final full day of Italian hiking, and we’re going out with a bang! After another classic Italian breakfast, we head to Monteneros, which boasts some sensational views of Riomaggiore and Manarola. Our hiking trail then takes us through pastures and vineyards and on to the picturesque village of Campiglia. Make sure you have your camera ready, as there are some great photo opportunities involving the coastline and La Spezia Harbor.

After a break in Campiglia, you continue our Italian hike with a walk to Portovenere, which involves a rather steep yet spectacular descent. Your reward for completing this invigorating leg of our tour is a ferry boat ride to La Spezia — our home for the final night. you’ll enjoy a lavish dinner to mark the occasion in one of the town’s boutique hotels or guest houses.


Length: 20 km
Duration: 5.5 hours
H+: 300 m
H-: —


Day 7: La Spezia

Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye, as this is the final day of your hiking holiday on the Italian Riviera. But there’s one final hearty breakfast to send you on your way!

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