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Slow Hike Through Lessinia Regional Natural Park: A Natural and Cultural Gem

Nestled in the heart of Italy’s pre-Alps, the Lessinia Regional Natural Park beckons with its lush landscapes, awe-inspiring mountains, and a treasure trove of biodiversity. This enchanting region, spanning over 10,000 hectares, offers a myriad of outdoor adventures and a fascinating journey through history, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts alike.

Tour Highlights:

  • Nature’s Playground: Lessinia’s landscape is a haven for hikers, with its sprawling pastures, dramatic mountain peaks, and an array of flora and fauna. Deer, marmots, foxes, and even golden eagles call this park home. Discover untouched natural beauty as you traverse its pristine trails.
  • Cultural Time Capsule: Rich in history, Lessinia Regional Natural Park is a testament to Italy’s past. Settled by the Cimbri people in the 13th century, it boasts a wealth of historical landmarks and classical European architecture. Charming towns like Boscochiesanuova, Contrada Laorno, and Bosco Chiesanuova are a window into this region’s cultural heritage.
  • Diverse Landscapes: Stretching from the Veronese Province to Trento, this area boasts it all: towering mountains, steep cliffs, deep valleys, verdant pastures, and ancient villages. Whether you seek Alpine hikes, self-guided excursions with luggage transfer, or a perfect slow-paced hike, Lessinia’s diverse terrain offers endless possibilities.

Lessinia Regional Natural Park offers not only natural wonders but also a delectable journey through local delicacies and wines. Indulge in traditional dishes served in charming mountain refuges, where the warm hospitality of local hosts will make you feel at home. Each evening, savor a three-course dinner featuring authentic regional flavors.

The foothills and hilly areas of Lessinia are graced with olive groves, cherry plantations, and productive vineyards. These areas are known for their excellent wines. You’ll have the chance to sample a wide selection of local wines, perfectly complementing the rich flavors of Italian cuisine.

Hiking in Lessinia Regional Natural Park is a diverse and rewarding experience. Whether you’re drawn by cultural heritage, natural beauty, or the thrill of a challenging hike, this enchanting region in Italy has something to offer. Immerse yourself in the best that Mother Nature and Italian culture have to offer, and be sure to pack essentials for your adventure through this remarkable natural and cultural gem.

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This is an example of a hike in this region of Italy. Your final itinerary may be different depending on the availability of rooms at the time of your booking.


Total distance: 33.5 km
H+: 1380 m
H-: 1260 m
Level: Easy to medium.


Day 1: Boscochiesanuova - Contrada Laorno

The first day of your Alpine hiking tour begins with a brief welcome meeting in Boscochiesanuova. We will talk you through what to expect during your Lessinia hiking experience, and issue you with all your official documentation, maps, and equipment.

We like to ease our way into challenging Italian walking holidays, which is why the first leg of our tour entails a relatively brief 1.5-hour uphill hike to the quaint village of Laorno. You’ll have to check out the local architecture and the village’s brewery — where you’ll get the opportunity to sample a few local beers and delicacies. You’ll then head to our accommodation for a relaxing dinner and debriefing.


Length: 5 km
Duration: 1.5 hours
H+: 240 m
H-: 200m


Day 2: Contrada Laorno - Località Castelberto

After a breakfast of local delicacies with fresh local produce, you set out for a pleasant four-mile hike along one of Lessinia’s most picturesque walking paths. Our route takes you along the border that separates Trentino and Veneto, which is one of the region’s most historically rich areas. Along the way, you’ll have a little time to take in the breathtaking views of Monte Baldo, Lake Garda, Val d’Adige, and the imposing peaks of Trentino. We’ll continue through the pleasant pastures and meadows before arriving at Castelberto.

The eye-catching Castelburto is a reconstruction of a First World War military installation that stands amidst a series of remains and trenches created during the conflict. This is where you’ll spend the evening — surrounded by jaw-dropping mountain ranges, local wildlife, and centuries of history. This is also the perfect place to enjoy a dinner of local delicacies, fine wines, and friendly conversation.


Length: 13 km
Duration: 4 hours
H+: 700 m
H- 100 m


Location Castelberto - Dardo Alpine Hut

The third day of this stunning Alpine walking tour begins with a hearty breakfast of classic Italian delicacies. You then set off for an initial 30-minute walk that takes us straight to the huts of Lessinia. You’ll then be treated to a demonstration of the ancient mountain milk and cheese production processes.

After learning the finer points of Italian cheese-making, you’ll continue our Alpine hike with a short 90-minute hike to the Dardo refuge — a charming Lessinian paradise that is home to some of the finest Veneto delicacies, wines, and customs. We believe the best way to experience this wondrous place is at your leisure, surrounded by the smells, sights, and sounds of the area and its stunning mountainous backdrop. Spend the evening sampling some of Italy’s most famous delicacies, including a range of risotto dishes, ricotta and spinach dumplings, gnocchi, and lasagne. And wash it all down with a glass or three of the region’s most wonderful, locally produced wines.


Length: 7.5 km
Duration: 2 hours
H+: 90 m
H-: 400 m


Day 4: Dardo Alpine Hut - Ongar Small Village

The last full day of hiking in the Alps begins with another tasty and satisfying breakfast. You then set out on the famous E5 path, which takes us through rich forestland and a series of pastures. Connecting Venice to Brittany, this world-famous walking trail delivers another selection of breathtaking vistas, so don’t forget your camera.

After a leisurely three-hour Alpine walk, you arrive at a picturesque settlement that dates back to the 1700s. While the surroundings are ancient and rich in local history, the facilities within them are modern and well-appointed. Spend the rest of the day as you wish. Take a dip in the swimming pool or enjoy a well-earned pampering session in the spa. Your day ends with another decadent dinner in the Lenci Tre pizzeria restaurant and a final night in this beautiful region of Italy.


Length: 7.5 km
Duration: 3 hours
H+: 350 m
H-: 560 m


Day 5: Ongar Village - Bosco Chiesanuova

It’s time to say farewell to us, new friends, and this spectacular region of the pre-Alps. But before you depart, another bounteous breakfast awaits. A short and picturesque stroll of around 500 meters then takes you to the pretty village of Bosco Chiesanuova.

Equipment and clothing to bring for Alpine hikes and runs
We’ve compiled a list of essential items you’ll need to take on your adventure in the Great Outdoors. While each trip has its own minimum requirements, we have split the list into “need-to-have” and “nice-to-haves”.

Need to have:

Lightweight, waterproof shell
Sunscreen with a high factor
Smartphone with a relevant trip app and a WhatsApp and code number for your local representative
Survival blanket
Thin hat, cap, and thin gloves (merino or similar)
Daypack for hiking (tours with luggage transport)
Duffel bag or similar (trips with luggage transport) — DO NOT pack in suitcases.
30 L rucksack on trips up to six days (without luggage transport)
40 L rucksack on trips of more than six days (without luggage transport)
Quick-drying inner layer
Shorts (quick drying)
Technical t-shirt (quick drying)
Fleece sweater for cool evenings
A pair of comfortable jogging bottoms or similar for the cabins
Good mountain shoes — trail running shoes or hiking boots
Light towel
Water bottle (1.5 L)
A pair of thick socks or light slippers (you can often borrow a pair in the cabins)
A few energy bars, fruits or similar snacks for the trip
Sheet liner — can also be purchased on-site (only if you are staying in a dormitory)
Small first aid kit
Comped or similar
Sleeping bag (on selected tours)

Nice to have:

Walking poles
Power bank
Sandals for the cabins
Plastic bags to keep things dry

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