Getting there

Outdoor Italy does not provide transport to and from the starting location of our tours. However, we do try our best to help and advise you in order to give you the best possible travel experience.

In Italy, most of our destinations are usually less than a two hour car drive away from a major airport or train station. Please note that although public transport in Italy can be rather challenging, it is not impossible to reach your destination by bus or train.

Nearest Airport: Venice
Train: Calalzo di Cadore

Lys Valley and Ayas Valley
Airport: Milano Malpensa or Torino
Train: Aosta
Bus: – Get off at Pont Saint Martin and taxi from there.

Nearest Airport: Nice (France)
Train: Sanremo + bus to Ceriana

Valle Maira
Nearest Airport: Torino or Milano Malpensa
Train: Cuneo

For car hire, we usually recommend platforms such as Auto Europe or Rental Car.

Sustainable travel

Outdoor Austria supports low emission travelling and will always recommend the most sustainable ways to reach our destinations. In most cases this will be by public transport or by car. If flying, please use the carbon offset option offered by most airlines.

Please note that the information above is only a recommendation. Outdoor Italy does only accept responsibility from the start of the tour.