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Luggage transfer
All levels, Family
August, July, June, September

Casual hikers, animal lovers and families will enjoy this tour to the Salzkammergut ‘alms’. The eight-day tour will take you by fields and through the lush, green pastures that line the path. They are home to cows, sheep and horses, which will happily feature in your souvenir snaps. Endless alpine pastures, quaint hiking trails and rushing streams await you. The alpine huts are well managed. Be sure to try the famous Pofesen on the Moosangerl or Gruberalm! You can enjoy a breathtaking view on the panoramic path to the Illingeralm and Königsbachalm, as well as on the way to the forest area of the Nöckelberg.

Even the journey from Salzburg to St. Wolfgang is like something out of a fairytale. Be it the endless snow-capped peaks of the surrounding mountains, or the glistening lakes – the start to your eight-day hiking tour could not be more picturesque. You hike on good trails which require no special technical knowledge and without too many changes in elevation. You can expect about five hours of hiking daily.

 LOCATION Garmisch-Partenkirchen
 WHEN Flexible
Three nights in 3-star hotels breakfast
Four nights in alpine huts Welcome briefing
Maps and gpx-files Hotline
Cable car and train passes for transfer Luggage transfer



*This tour is based on a minimum of two participants. Only services mentioned above are included in the price. Single travellers should expect to pay an extra fee for single rooms in hotels. Luggage transfer is only available for two or more participants.

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Ticket TypeAdult, Child (under 13 years)

Day 1: Arrival

Arrival at Lake Wolfgangsee.


Day 2

Alm tour high above lake Wolfgang

Starting from the bank of lake Wolfgangsee you walk uphill to the first alpine pastures, passing a wild animal reserve. On the back side of the ‚Sparber’ top you walk to the ‚Schartenalm’, which is idyllically situated between high-towering rugged mountain tops. On your way back you should stop by at the small, traditional Austrian restaurant, which offers home-bred venison dishes and a incredible view of St. Wolfgang.

Duration: 4-5 hours
Distance: 14 km
Vertical gain: 480 m+/470 m-


Day 3

Wolfgangsee – Genneralm

Today you discover the plateaus of the pasture regions. From the Mozart-village St. Gilgen the cable car takes you up to the ‚Zwölferhorn’ from where you can see even the glacial regions. Via the panoramic path and via the ‚Illingeralm’ you walk until the ‚Königsbachalm’. In the woodland of ‚Nöckelberg’ mountain you can look forward to noisy waterfalls until you finally climb up to the ‚Genneralm’. Arrived at ‚Genneralm’ you spend the night in a comfortable alpine cabin and enjoy two days in the middle of lush pastures surrounded by numerous mountain tops.

Duration: 5 hours
Distance: 16 km
Vertical gain: 580 m+/780 m-


Day 4

Alm tour on the Genneralm

Enjoy the life on alpine pastures: Walk to the neighbouring pastures ‚Moosangerl’ or ‚Gruberalm’, climb up one of the viewpoints and try the famous ‚Pofesen’. Rugged mountain tops, ridgeways and easy trails invite you to comfortable or more challenging tours.


Day 5

Genneralm – Postalm

You walk down to an idyllic high valley with numerous small apline cabins in the middle of steep mountain sides. Grazing herds of cows line your trail, which soon winds out of the valley along the ‚Ackersbachklamm’ (a ravine). Via the impressively arranged old ‚Postalm’-street you arrive at the natural landmark ‚Zinkenbachklamm’. Via the ‚Außerlienbachalm’ and some isolated paths, your trail leads you to the ‚Innerlienbachalm’ until you reach the centre of the extensive ‚Postalm’-territory.

Duration: 5-5 hours
Distance: 17 km
Vertical gain: 590m+/530 m-


Day 6

Alm tour on the Postalm

Walk along the ‚Almblumenweg’, make a round-trip to some alpine pastures or climb up one of the many smaller or higher tops if you so wish. There are more than enough possibilities! Also visit the ‚Sennerin’ (dairymaid) of the ‚Labenberg’-cabin and look around the cheese factory. A hearty meal is of course unavoidable. The historic ‚Postalm’-cabin and the ‚Postalm’-chapel (built in honour of Empress Sissi) are just a few of the many beautiful places to visit.


Day 7

Postalm – Wolfgangsee

inally you walk across the ‚Wiesleralm’ upwards to the small saddle between ‚Windkogel’ and ‚Thorhöhe’ where you can already see the lake Wolfgangsee. Via the ‚Niedergadenalm’ and the ‚Schwarzeneckalm’ down into the valley until you reach the banks of lake Wolfgangsee. You walk through the natural reserve ‚Blinklingmoos’ back to your starting point.

Duration: 4-5 hours
Distance: 12 km
Vertical gain: 150m+/930 m-


Day 8


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