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Half-board with Lunchpack
Luggage transfer
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Embark on an exclusive women-only guided tour through the stunning Alps, featuring the iconic Matterhorn and Monte Rosa massif. This journey promises a memorable experience amidst some of the world’s most awe-inspiring landscapes.

Tour Highlights:

Scenic Splendor in the Val d’Ayas: Revel in the enchanting beauty of the Alps. The tour showcases breathtaking vistas, charming villages, and diverse landscapes. Highlights include the majestic Monte Rosa massif and the iconic Matterhorn, offering unparalleled photographic opportunities and soul-stirring views.

Accessible Adventure for All Levels: Designed as an “easy to moderate” hiking experience, this tour is perfect for individuals with an average to good fitness level. It offers the thrill of alpine hiking without the challenges of extreme altitude variations or technical difficulties, making it accessible and enjoyable for most.

Cultural Immersion and Mountain Hospitality: Experience the unique blend of cultures in the Val d’Ayas, where Italian, Franco-Provencal, and Walser-Deutsch influences are evident in the local architecture and traditions. Stay in cozy mountain huts, enjoying the warmth of alpine hospitality, delicious food, and the camaraderie of your fellow trekkers, enhancing the overall experience.

This comprehensive tour is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Alps, creating lasting memories and forming new friendships along the way.

START 4-9th June
Group tour 6-12 participants
Half-board with lunchpack
Luggage transfer
Welcome briefing
Printed maps
Optional airport transfer



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Day 1: Arrival in Abreny

This is an example of an eight day itinerary.
Arrival with welcome, briefing and first overnight.

Day 2: Abreny - Lavarets

First hiking day with the ascent from Brusson (1330 m) to arrive at high altitude through a forest of fir trees, the wood from which the typical wooden sabot shoes are made, once used habitually.
Hike with magnificent view of a series of Alpine peaks, including Montblanc, until the beautiful Barmasc plateau is reached where the cozy B&B Lavarets welcomes you.
Distance: 11 km
H+: 730
H-: 30
Time: 3:50 – 4:50 hours.
Chambre D’Hotes Lavarets

Day 3: Lavarets - Ferraro

Hike from pastures to a real alpine environment up to the very small glacial lake Lechien at 2276 m, from which you can enjoy a view of rare beauty on the mountain massifs of Monte Rosa and Cervino, then crossing the old trade route from Val d’Ayas to Zermatt and reach the Ferraro refuge in the panoramic village of Résy. wood.
Distance: 13.5 km
H+: 718
H-: 570
Time: 4:30 hours.
Rifugio Ferraro

Day 4: Ferraro - Aroulla

A very beautiful stretch of the Monte Rosa Tour runs through expanses of rhododendrons, a ski slope, lakes and various mountain pastures until Cuneaz, Another typical and beautiful summer settlement of the mountaineers where you spend the night in a typical Walser house.
Distance: 10.3 km
H+: 620
H-: 630
Time: 4:10 hours.

Day 5: L'Aroulla-Mascognaz:

This is a full day at high altitude and above the tree line, first on Alta Via and challenging climbs where the view is great both on the valley and on the Monte Rosa and the whole alpine chain including the Matterhorn.
Then, hiking on a rocky path and through pastures, you descend into the Mascognaz Valley to arrive in one of the most exclusive locations in the Alps.
Distance: 9 km
H+: 610
H-: 840
Time: 4 – 4:30 hours.
Hotellerie de Mascognaz

Day 6: Mascognaz-BarmaDrola

The hardest stage of the trek is worth the effort and will remain in your eyes and heart due to the many beautiful mountain lakes and beautiful views. From Mascognaz you go up through a beautiful glacial basin to the Palasinaz pass at 2668 m before descending towards the south with one splendid panorama after another. Pass the beautiful lakes Coliou and Pocia to arrive at the natural “amphitheater” of Estoul at 1879m where a beautifully restored B&B awaits you.
Distance: 13 km
H+: 860
H-: 862
Time: 5.30 hours.
A Barma Drola

Day 7: Barma Drola-L'Abreny

The landscape changes during the last walk of the trek and will allow you to live other experiences: traditional villages, the castle of Graines before crossing the valley floor of the River Evancon. These are all scenarios from “Le Otto montagne”, the award-winning book by Paolo Cognetti.
Then go up up to Brusson where, above the beautiful lake, the trek ends with a last overnight stay in Brusson at B&B L’Abreny.
Distance: 12 km
H+: 247
H-: 725
Time: 3:15 – 4 hours.

Day 8: Departure from Abreny

Breakfast and departure.

Equipment and clothing to bring for Alpine hikes and runs
We’ve compiled a list of essential items you’ll need to take on your adventure in the Great Outdoors. While each trip has its own minimum requirements, we have split the list into “need-to-have” and “nice-to-haves”.

Need to have:

Lightweight, waterproof shell
Sunscreen with a high factor
Smartphone with a relevant trip app and a WhatsApp and code number for your local representative
Survival blanket
Thin hat, cap, and thin gloves (merino or similar)
Daypack for hiking (tours with luggage transport)
Duffel bag or similar (trips with luggage transport) — DO NOT pack in suitcases.
30 L rucksack on trips up to six days (without luggage transport)
40 L rucksack on trips of more than six days (without luggage transport)
Quick-drying inner layer
Shorts (quick drying)
Technical t-shirt (quick drying)
Fleece sweater for cool evenings
A pair of comfortable jogging bottoms or similar for the cabins
Good mountain shoes — trail running shoes or hiking boots
Light towel
Water bottle (1.5 L)
A pair of thick socks or light slippers (you can often borrow a pair in the cabins)
A few energy bars, fruits or similar snacks for the trip
Sheet liner — can also be purchased on-site (only if you are staying in a dormitory)
Small first aid kit
Comped or similar
Sleeping bag (on selected tours)

Nice to have:

Walking poles
Power bank
Sandals for the cabins
Plastic bags to keep things dry

Nearest Airport: Turin, Caselle / Milano, Malpensa

Nearest Train Station: Verres (Aosta)

Shuttle service website:

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