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Prepare for a magnificent journey through the heart of Corsica as we introduce you to the GR20 South trek. This incredible adventure traverses the island diagonally along the high granite barrier that separates Corsica’s two distinctive regions. The Southern section of the GR20 is a perfect introduction to this legendary trail, offering you the chance to explore Corsica’s stunning landscapes without the burden of carrying a heavy pack.


  • Lightened Pack for Maximum Enjoyment: One of the most significant advantages of this adventure is that we handle the logistics for you. We secure your accommodations, which include a variety of camps, refuges, gîtes, and shepherd’s cabins situated in places of exceptional beauty. Additionally, we have arrangements in place to ensure your main luggage is transported to you during part of the trek. This lightened pack allows you to focus on enjoying the walk without the burden of carrying heavy loads, making the experience all the more enjoyable.
  • Breathtaking Scenery and Exquisite Peaks: Commencing in Ajaccio and ascending to Bavella, you’ll experience the Alta Rocca region and its mythical peaks. Bavella, known for its high mountain pass and mystical summits, sets the stage for your journey. Traverse the Col de Bavella and explore the Alpine variant of the GR20 trail, which winds through rough terrain and includes equipped sections with chains for stability. Along your journey, you’ll encounter granite pinnacles and pristine valleys, adding to the charm of your experience.
  • The Adventure of a Lifetime: As you progress from Bavella to Asinau, Coscione plateau, Usciolu, Col de Verde, Capanelle, and finally Vizzavona, you’ll be rewarded with magnificent ridge lines, high summits, and breathtaking ridge walks. The exposed, wonderfully sculpted granite decor, the lush forests, and the unforgettable panoramic views will make this adventure an experience of a lifetime.

This self-guided GR20 South adventure offers the perfect blend of comfort and adventure. As you explore Corsica’s remarkable landscapes and traverse its most celebrated mountainous terrain, you’ll be captivated by the island’s diversity and natural beauty.

Whether you’re drawn to the challenging terrain, the exquisite peaks, or the lightened pack that enhances the pleasure of walking, this is your opportunity to explore Corsica’s South GR20 in the most unforgettable way. Conclude your journey with a profound sense of accomplishment, knowing that you’ve experienced one of the most renowned long-distance walks in the world. It’s time to embark on an adventure that combines the best of Corsica’s natural beauty with the convenience of a lightened pack, offering you the hiking experience of a lifetime.







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MonatAugust, Juli, Juni, Mai, September

Day 1: Ajaccio to Bavella

This holiday starts on a Sunday in Ajaccio, a grouped transfer will take you up to Bavella. The region is known as the Alta Rocca and Bavella is one of the most famous peaks of the island, known for its high mountain pass and mystical summits. Time to settle into the gite before the evening meal.

Hotel: Auberge du Col de Bavella


Day 2: Bavella to Asinau

From the high mountain pass, the Col de Bavella you take the GR20 trail -Alpine variant. It leads steeply uphill before passing at the base of several granite pinnacles. The trail is rough under foot and equipped over a few metres with a chain that helps stability across the rocks. The trail plunges down into the valley before passing through the woods. After a river crossing the GR20 pulls up to Asinau, and Bergerie Chez Aline.

Hotel:: Bergeries chez Aline

Entfernung: 7 km
Up: 815m
Down: 445m
Hours: 4 to 5.5 hours.

Day 3: Asinau to Coscione plateau

The GR20 trail heads up to the magniˡ cent ridge line of Alcudina, the highest summit in the South at 2134m altitude. There are fantastic views and on a clear day you can pick out your route and see where you are heading. You leave the high ground and head down towards the famous Cuscione plateau, a wild open area that is grazing land in the summer months. Your night stop is at Croci shepherd’s cabin situated on the edge of the plateau.

Hotel: Bergeries de Croci

Distance: 15 km
Up: 680m
Down: 560m
Hours: approx 6 hours.

Day 4: Coscione plateau to Usciolu

The GR20 crosses the grassy plateau. The trail then heads uphill through aforest of dwarf oak trees to the Col de l’Agnone. From here, starts one of the best ridge walks on the GR20, it is very exposed. The rock has been wonderfully sculpted by the elements and the granite decor is sublime. The GR20 trail topples back and forth over the ridge, to one side then the other. Camp at Usciolu Refuge.

Hotel: Usciolu Refuge

Entfernung: 14 km
Up: 680m
Down: 460m
Hours: approx 6 hours

Day 5: Usciolu to Col de Verde

This walk has some really special scenery with great views. From the refuge the GR20 continues along the ridge. The trail plunges down towards the Col de Laparo and passes the refuge at Prati (1820m) it is worth stopping to enjoy the airy rooftop views of the island and enjoy the lush, spongy fresh ground. The GR20 drops rapidly down in and out of the forest to your destination at the Col de Verde. (1289m). Night in Gite.

Hotel: Gite San Petru di Verde

Entfernung: 15,5 km
Up: 770m
Down: 1200m
Hours: approx 7.5 hours

Day 6: Capanelle to Vizzavona

This is the last stage of the GR20 southern section, the walk makes for a leisurely day. The GR20 leaves Capanelle (1568m) taking a path on more or less easy terrain. The GR20 trail then climbs to Bocca Palmente 1640m, from where on a clear day the views are exceptional, the massifs of the Monte d’Oro and the Rotondu tower above. The trail drops down into the thick Vizzavona forest to Vizzavona (920m) the midway point of the GR20. End of the tour upon arrival in Vizzavona. Possibility to take trains leave from Vizzavona to Ajaccio and Bastia.

Hotel: U Fugone

Entfernung: 14 km
Up: 320m
Down: 1000m
Hours: approx 5.5 hours

Tag 7: Abreise

Frühstück und Abreise

Mitzubringende Ausrüstung und Kleidung für alpine Wanderungen und Läufe
Wir haben eine Liste der wichtigsten Dinge zusammengestellt, die Sie für Ihr Abenteuer in der freien Natur benötigen. Während jede Reise ihre eigenen Mindestanforderungen hat, haben wir die Liste in „unnötig“ und „nice-to-have“ unterteilt.

Haben müssen:

Leichte, wasserdichte Hülle
Sonnenschutzmittel mit hohem Lichtschutzfaktor
Smartphone mit relevanter Reise-App sowie einer WhatsApp- und Codenummer für Ihren Vertreter vor Ort
Dünne Mütze, Mütze und dünne Handschuhe (Merino oder ähnliches)
Tagesrucksack zum Wandern (Touren mit Gepäcktransport)
Seesack oder ähnliches (Reisen mit Gepäcktransport) – NICHT in Koffer packen.
30 L Rucksack auf Reisen bis zu sechs Tagen (ohne Gepäcktransport)
40 L Rucksack bei Reisen von mehr als sechs Tagen (ohne Gepäcktransport)
Schnell trocknende Innenschicht
Shorts (schnell trocknend)
Technisches T-Shirt (schnell trocknend)
Fleecepullover für kühle Abende
Eine bequeme Jogginghose o.ä. für die Hütten
Gute Bergschuhe – Trailrunning-Schuhe oder Wanderschuhe
Leichtes Handtuch
Wasserflasche (1,5 l)
Ein Paar dicke Socken oder leichte Hausschuhe (oft kann man sich in den Hütten ein Paar ausleihen)
Ein paar Energieriegel, Früchte oder ähnliche Snacks für die Reise
Bettlaken – kann auch vor Ort erworben werden (nur bei Unterbringung in einem Wohnheim)
Kleines Erste-Hilfe-Set
Comped oder ähnliches
Schlafsack (bei ausgewählten Touren)

Schön zu haben:

Sandalen für die Hütten
Plastiktüten, um die Dinge trocken zu halten

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