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Bernina Trailrunning Tour: Conquer the Alpine Majesty

Bernina Tour Trailrunning

On this trailrunning tour around the Bernina massif, every kilometre is a real pleasure. Countless trails wind along the valley sides and over the passes of the Engadine.

5 days
Moderate, Experienced

Trail Running Adventure in the Maira Valley: Unveil the Untamed Beauty of Piedmont

Run Maira Valley. The Wild and Hidden Gem of Piedmont. Enjoy the spectacular trails and unique culture.

6 days, 8 days

Via Grischuna Trail Running Experience

Via Grischuna

The Via Grischuna climbs about 9,000 metres in altitude on the seven stages from Davos to St. Moritz. The wild and romantic landscape, that the Via Grischuna leads through, takes the breath away of even the best trail runners.

8 days
Moderate, Experienced, Advanced

Monte Rosa Trail Running Hut-to-Hut Adventure

Five days of running in the Lys Valley by Monte Rosa. We will carry your luggage from hut to hut.

6 days, 7 days, 9 days