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Step into the picturesque island of Corsica and embark on an unforgettable journey along the mesmerizing Mare a Mare North trail. This remarkable walking holiday commences in the historic town of Corte, leading you through a captivating spectrum of Corsican landscapes. From high mountains to fragrant pine forests, you’ll discover the heart of authentic Corsica. Your adventure culminates with a scenic exploration of the UNESCO heritage site Calanches at Piana, where you’ll marvel at the red granite needles overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Porto.

Punti salienti del tour:

  • Authentic Corsican Experience: The Mare a Mare North trail offers an authentic Corsican experience like no other. Starting in Corte, you’ll delve into the island’s history and culture, with the opportunity to explore the atmospheric old town and discover the Tavignano and Restonica gorges. These gorges provide stunning walks along old mule paths, once used by shepherds to access the isolated Niolu region.
  • Mountain Majesty: As you journey from Corte to Calacuccia, you’ll experience Corsica’s high mountains, pristine pine forests, and the inviting rock pools of the Spelunca Gorge. The dramatic landscapes of Corsica’s interior will take your breath away, offering a true escape into the heart of the island.
  • UNESCO Heritage Site – Calanches at Piana: The grand finale of your Corsica walking holiday unfolds in the beautiful Gulf of Porto. You’ll be enchanted by the red granite needles of the Calanches at Piana, a UNESCO heritage site known for its dramatic rock formations, sculpted shapes, and rugged coastlines. This unique geological wonder will leave you in awe.

Your journey between comfortable rural 2 and 3-star hotels ensures that you experience Corsica’s beauty with all the necessary comforts. The delicious local cuisine prepared from seasonal produce adds an extra layer of authenticity to your adventure.

This exceptional walking holiday is a celebration of Corsica’s diversity, offering something for every nature enthusiast and culture seeker. As you traverse the these trails, you’ll witness the island’s most remarkable landscapes and immerse yourself in its history. Conclude your adventure with a sense of awe and gratitude for the splendid journey you’ve undertaken. Whether you’re drawn to the Corsican wilderness, the heritage of Piana, or the rich culture of Corte, this is your chance to explore the diverse beauty of this remarkable island.

Accomodation in 2* hotels or similar including breakfast
Dinners in Calaccucia and Evisa
Transfer from Corte to Calaccucia and Calaccucia to Col de Vergio
Luggage transfers and travel dossier with A4 copies of IGN maps
Walking notes
GR20 pocket map and access to our guidance application
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MeseAprile, Agosto, Luglio, Giugno, Maggio, Ottobre, Settembre

Day 1:Corte

This walking holiday starts in the island’s historic capital, Corte. The rocky citadel dominates the town, and after dropping your bags at the hotel, you can take a walk around the old town, to discover the sights of this atmospheric place. Corte is situated on two magical gorges – the Tavignano and Restonica. The Tavignano o˞ ers a walk along an old mule path, a route used by shepherds into the isolated Niolu region and it makes for stunning walking. Steep cli˞ s rise up above the pounding torrent and numerous rock pools allow you to cool o˞ .

Hotel: Hotel de la Paix ( or similar)

Dati del tour:
Distanza: 12 chilometri
Up: 480m
Down: 480m
Time: 5 hours.

Day 2: Scala Sta Regina to Calacucci

A short transfer takes you to the start of your walk in the Scala di Santa Regina. This trail is an old transhumance path that was used by shepherds leading their herds in and out of the Niolu valley. You walk down towards the lake towards the village of Calacuccia. Hotel Acquaviva is situated on the edge of the village and you can expect some ˡ ne cooking at a local restaurant, using the very best seasonal, local produce.

Hotel name: Hotel Acquaviva

Dati del tour:
Distanza: 13 km
Salita: 700 m
Down: 340m
Time: 5 hours and 30 minutes

Day 3: Vergio to Evisa

Morning transfer to Col de Vergio .The Col de Vergio is a high mountain pass, the views are majestic; high peaks loom above. The trail goes down hill through the pines of the Aïtone forest to the outskirts of Evisa. You will pass rock pools and and then arrive at the chestnut woods with roaming pigs that mark your approach to the village. You will arrive in the centre of Evisa, a vibrant mountain village with a healthy climate before heading to your hotel.

Hotel: Hotel Scopa Rossa ( or similar)

Dati del tour:
Distance: 11.5 km
Up: 80m
Down: 720m
Time: 5 hours.

Day 4: Evisa to Tassu & Marignana village

Today you have the option of just relaxing, or taking a walk that follows part of the trail known as the MARE E MONTI It is a village to village walk leading through the surrounding chestnut woods and into a luxuriant maquis. You will arrive at the aban-doned hamlet of TASSU, a small treasure to investigate. You can continue on to the village of MARIGNANA which is situated directly across the valley from EVISA. Good walking and an insight into rural village life.

Hotel: Hotel Scopa Rossa ( or similar)

Dati del tour:
Distanza: 9 km
Up: 300m
Down: 300m
Tempo: 6 ore

Day 5: Evisa to Porto

The path zig-zags down through the Spelunca gorge. Crossing a high arched Genoese bridge, you walk above the torrent on a balcony path towards Ota, a mountain village with a Mediterranean feel. The delicious smells from “Chez Felix” restaurant beckon, take a moment to sit and unwind. Your path leaves Ota, heading down to the coast at the Gulf of Porto – for an easier day, take a transfer from Ota to Porto and a boat trip to see the Scandola reserve. Stay at a comfortable 3* hotel in Porto.

Hotel: Hotel Kalliste (or similar)

Dati del tour:
Distanza: 14 chilometri
Up: 320m
Down: 1170m
Tempo: 4 ore

Day 6: Porto to Piana

This dramatic coastline is classed by UNESCO a site of world beauty. From Porto beach, you climb into the Calanques’ where you will discover an incredible site of granite needles, tortured shapes and rock sculpted formations dotted with maritime pine trees. The walk above the coast road follows the old mule path and o˞ ers some spectacular of the indented rugged coastline and its many creeks. Stay in a 3* hotel in the heart of the village.

Hotel: Hotel Les Calanches (or similar)

Dati del tour:
Distanza: 12 chilometri
Up: 520m
Down: 70m
Tempo: 5 ore

Day 7: Piana

End of holiday in Piana, return to Ajaccio by Public bus; ( no public bus on sundays and bank holidays except in July and August)

Attrezzatura e abbigliamento da portare per escursioni e corse alpine
Abbiamo compilato un elenco degli oggetti essenziali di cui avrai bisogno durante la tua avventura all'aria aperta. Sebbene ogni viaggio abbia i propri requisiti minimi, abbiamo suddiviso l'elenco in "necessari" e "interessanti".

Bisogno di avere:

Guscio leggero e impermeabile
Protezione solare con fattore elevato
Smartphone con un'app di viaggio pertinente e un WhatsApp e un numero di codice per il tuo rappresentante locale
Coperta di sopravvivenza
Cappello sottile, berretto e guanti sottili (merino o simili)
Zainetto per escursioni (escursioni con trasporto bagagli)
Borsone o simili (viaggi con trasporto bagagli) — NON mettere in valigia.
Zaino da 30 L per viaggi fino a sei giorni (senza trasporto bagagli)
Zaino da 40 L per viaggi superiori a sei giorni (senza trasporto bagagli)
Strato interno ad asciugatura rapida
Pantaloncini (asciugatura rapida)
T-shirt tecnica (asciugatura rapida)
Maglia in pile per le serate fresche
Un paio di comodi pantaloni da jogging o simili per le cabine
Buone scarpe da montagna: scarpe da trail running o scarponcini da trekking
Asciugamano leggero
Bottiglia d'acqua (1,5 L)
Un paio di calzini spessi o pantofole leggere (spesso puoi prenderne in prestito un paio nelle cabine)
Occhiali da sole
Alcune barrette energetiche, frutta o snack simili per il viaggio
Foglio di protezione — può anche essere acquistato in loco (solo se si alloggia in un dormitorio)
Piccolo kit di pronto soccorso
Comped o simile
Sacco a pelo (nei tour selezionati)

Bello avere:

Bastoncini da passeggio
Accumulatore di energia
Sandali per le cabine
Sacchetti di plastica per mantenere le cose asciutte

Nearest Airport: Ajaccio or Bastia for the start, Ajaccio for the end

Nearest Train Station: Ajaccio or Bastia for the start, Ajaccio for the end

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