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Half board
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Are you eager to push your mountain running skills to new heights or seek some elevation gains ahead of your next major race? Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in our four-day Trail Camp Liguria, set amidst the picturesque town of Ceriana, a truly enchanting destination.

Our team of seasoned guides is dedicated to helping you maximize your four days of training. They will challenge all participants while allowing time for you to appreciate the camaraderie, the natural beauty, and the delightful cuisine. Do you have what it takes to keep up?

All are welcome, but it’s essential to maintain a reasonable running speed, especially for your own progress. Previous experience with trail running and navigating hilly terrains will certainly be beneficial.

Highlights of Trail Camp Liguria:

  • Mountain Running Expertise: Train under the guidance of seasoned experts who will stretch your limits and assist you in advancing your mountain running capabilities. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trail runner, you’ll find valuable insights and challenges to elevate your performance.
  • Scenic Ceriana: Explore the picturesque town of Ceriana, celebrated for its stunning landscapes and vibrant community. After each exhilarating afternoon run, unwind at the local bar, sharing stories and experiences with fellow participants. In the evening, indulge in the delightful flavours of Ligurian cuisine at one of the charming trattorias in town.
  • Elevation and Endurance: Acquire essential altitude and enhance your endurance throughout this trail camp. Ceriana’s hilly terrain and mountainous surroundings create the ideal backdrop to refine your running abilities, making it an excellent prelude to your upcoming race or a rewarding mountain running experience.

Join us for Trail Camp Liguria and immerse yourself in the thrill of mountain running in the heart of Liguria. With expert guidance, breathtaking landscapes, and the camaraderie of like-minded runners, this unforgettable four-day adventure promises to elevate your running game. Lace up your running shoes, embrace the challenge, and savor the scenic beauty of Ceriana.

Start 9th may 2024
Small group tour 6-12 participants
Half board
Four guided tours
Small guided group
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Day 1: Arrival

Kl. 13:00: Pick up in Nice Airport
Kl. 16.00: Welcome briefing
Kl. 18.00: Short run
Kl. 20.30: Dinner

Day 2: Friday

Kl. 10.00: Morning briefing
Kl. 10.30: Long mountain run
Kl. 19.30: Dinner

Day 3: Saturday

Kl. 10.00: Morning briefing
Kl. 10.30: Long mountain run
Kl. 20.30: Dinner

Day 4: Departure

Kl. 9.00: Morning briefing
Kl. 9.30: Short run
Kl. 14.00: Lunch
Kl. 16.00: Departure to Nice Airport

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 3 reviews
7. November 2017

Was on a trail running tour in picture-perfect Ceriana in October 2017. It was hard on the body, but luckily the heart and soul insisted. Had my own room in a 3-storey apartment with a dazzling view. And enjoyed several good and hearty meals on the roof terrace of the property from the 13th century. Rustic, ok! Wine and beer, fun and inspiring talks. Beautiful finish with a run from Ceriana in the mountains to Bussana for a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean. Thanks to Outdoor Italy for an experience of a lifetime. Elixir for the soul.

7. November 2017

In Northern Italy is Ceriana, a fine, charming and very beautifully situated town, surrounded by mountains and fantastic nature. I spent 4 days at the Trail camp in Ceriana, and can HIGHLY recommend it. Every day, a new trip in the mountains. We were staying in cozy houses in the winding streets of the city, I was lucky enough to get the cutest single room with the wildest view, total luxury! The tours were both demanding, steep, hard and really beautiful. On the trips we had 3 super skilled and good guides who helped us through the challenging terrain. When we weren’t running around the mountains we met at the local café, relaxed in our house or strolled around town (if our legs could take it). In the evening, everyone met at Dario and Esmeralda’s, who provided delicious food for us. After such a trip, you are well used up physically, and certainly also satiated by beautiful nature and delicious pasta!

26. October 2021

COME ALONG ! I am ready for both a repeat and participation in other events with Ben and his competent team. We were 4 friends on the Winter edition 2018 together – and we were all extremely satisfied with everything. We moved the boundaries both mentally and physically – but in a way where everyone was included/welcome regardless of level. When you spice up the primary (running/mountains/physical challenge) with super delicious food, unique Italian medieval town, cozy local bar, nice company and rustically charming accommodation, you can only say “giga thumbs up”! An experience that is both in body, heart and mind. We are already in the process of evaluating participation in another camp – either in Ceriana or on one of the other trips.

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