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Hike Valle Maira. A wild and hidden gem in Piedmont.

On this tour through Valle Maira, which is located in the western corner of Piedmont, you will experience a balanced mix of history, old villages, mountain pastures and beautiful landscapes.

You will be staying in the most charming huts along the way and sample traditional local dishes served together with Piedmontese wine and local beer – before tugging in, in warm, quiet rooms.

We have aimed to create a gentle introduction to mountain hiking including plenty of comfort and good food. This tour is particularly suitable for new mountain hikers, families and hiking enthusiasts who are not in a rush.  Valle Maira is absolutely stunning!

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*This tour is based on a minimum of two participants. Only services mentioned above are included in the price. Single travellers should expect to pay an extra fee for single rooms in hotels. Luggage transfer is only available for two or more participants.

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Ticket TypeAdult, Child (under 13 years)

Valle Maira

This is an example of a tour on this route. Your final itinerary may be different depending on availability of rooms at the time of your booking.


Total distance: 57,2 km (7 days)
H+: 2230
H-: 1700
Level: Easy to medium.
Average per day: 9,37 km D+557 D- 425


Day 1: Arrival in Silenzio Camoglieres

Arrival Locanda del Silenzio Camoglieres (afternoon). Our guide will meet you and introduce you to the tour with a thorough briefing, maps and gpx-files.

Day 2: Camoglieres - Locanda Codirosso Stroppo

We begin with one of the best known and most appreciated themed itineraries in the valley: The “Sentiero dei Ciclamini (Cyclamen paths)”, panoramic and colorful route that starts next to the Locanda Del Silenzio.
The first part is almost flat and after about 2.5 km there is a point where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Maira Valley. The route then passes between two wonderful villages, Langra and Caricatori, located a few kilometers from Macra. Both the Percorsi Occitani and the Sentiero dei Ciclamini pass through
these two small villages.
After 6.7 km you arrive in Centenero which is one of those villages that seem to have remained frozen in time when, in the post-war period, entire families left their homes to go down to the valley, in the large industrialized cities in search of fortune.
At km 8 you come to the village of Caudano, famous for the presence of the Lazzaretto. During the plague of the fifteenth century a hospital-lazaret was built to admit the sick. The building is easily recognizable, it has a sail facade with two mullioned windows.
Just before exceeding 10km you reach the beautiful and panoramic church of Sampeyre, after the church you take the path uphill and uphill in the chestnut wood you reach Ruata Valle and the Locanda Codirosso where you can enjoy the afternoon on the terrace or in the quiet spaces dedicated to guests.
Distance: 9,78 km
H+: 840
H-: 450
Time: 5.30 hours.

Day 3: Codirosso -San Martino - Elva

After 5 km of walking you arrive in San Martino di Stroppo composed of two different villages, Inferiore and Superiore, both are very charming and picturesque. Over the years many abandoned and ruined houses have been taken over and renovated maintaining the original characteristics and here stands the cultural center, a historic stopover born from a vision of a German couple who helped launch Occitan itineraries internationally.

You then reach the Colle di San Giovanni, an extremely fascinating place. Near the larch wood there is the circular chapel of the same name. This place is very scenic. You make a small detour to Fremo Cuncuná, a tongue of rock suspended in the void that is very famous because it recalls the great sheer fjords of Norway. The name means “crouched woman”: if she is observed from Elva’s Vallone (Orrido), she looks like a crouched lady.

Finally you reach your destination. The parish church of Elva is a small Sistine Chapel. Inside it houses a cycle of frescoes by the Flemish painter Hans Clemer. It is always open, but if it is closed, the Locanda Occitana has the keys and makes them available to interested parties.

Elva is the second highest municipality in the province of Cuneo, at an altitude of 1,637 metres. It is a picturesque village immersed in a fairytale setting. The Caviè Museum, the hair collectors, and the parish church with the frescoes by Clemer are not to be missed. All this next to the Locanda di Elva which awaits you for a night in this place so steeped in history.

Distance: 12.2 km
H+: 670
H-: 420
Time: 4.30 hours.

Day 4: Elva - San Michele Prazzo

A first part on paved road but in a wide and panoramic environment that becomes magnificent after the village of Chiosso, one of those villages where time has stopped. From here you descend on paths through coniferous woods and splendid panoramas.

We then go up to Colle San Michele where one of the symbols of Valle Maira appears in all its beauty: Monte Chersogno. From here a gentle and pleasant descent will take you to Borgata Allemandi where you can breathe and feel the Occitan traditions: the Al Chersogno farmhouse, in addition to being in a wonderful place, produces honey, vegetables and potatoes of ancient varieties.

Distance: 10.5 km
H+: 490
H-: 590
Time: 4.30 hours.

Day 5: Agriturismo Al Chersogno Ginestre loop

Ring itinerary for an extremely panoramic trip through fir woods and undoubtedly numerous brooms, a plant that is encountered along the entire route with a characteristic yellow colour. The route crosses the Vallone di San Michele, an independent municipality until 1928 and subsequently joined to Prazzo.

“Lou viol dal Genistè” begins in the Allemandi hamlet. In this stretch, which extends up to Colle Ruvera, it is possible to see a beautiful panorama over the entire Maira valley, while walking among broom, lavender and Scots pine. Once at the Colle there is the “Granjo ‘d Mundin ‘d Roc”, that is a structure with an oven built into the rock.

We then continue towards Borgata San Vittore, where it is possible to admire a well and a chapel close to the rock in an extremely panoramic point. From here, take the road back to Allemandi.
(Morning after: departure day in case by a transfer to Camoglieres ).

Distance: 5 km
H+: 230
H-:  240
Time: 2.5 hours.

Day 6: Agriturismo Al Chersogno - Ussolo

After about 2km you reach Castiglione, a charming village “inhabited” by friendly gnomes. From here, in addition to the Percorsi Occitani, the Sentiero Remo Einaudi also passes, characterized by curious presences.
The maximum altitude is reached at 1790m after about 6km and from here a very panoramic descent leads to Ussolo where there will be a transfer with the Sherpabus that will take you to the next accomodation, La Scuola di Chiappera, set in the last village at the top of the Valle Maira on the slopes of the Rocca Provenzale. The accomodation is in the former village school and also has rooms in other old houses nearby.
Distance: 9,2 km (+transfer)
H+: 440
H-: 650
Time: 54.30 hours.

Day 7: Chiappera - Chiappera

The tour concludes with a wonderful tour around the Rocca Provenzale which is certainly one of the Musts of the Maira Valley, but the village of Chiappera on the slopes of the Rocca is already decidedly fascinating and must be visited carefully.

Climb directly in the direction of the Rocca, passing alongside its smooth and imposing walls. After 3.5 km, having reached the pass near Rocca Castello, the view opens up over the whole range of mountains in the upper part of the Maira Valley up to the French border.

We begin the descent to reach the last mountain pastures and from here we return towards Chiappera staying to the left of the stream while on the other side the Maira waterfalls observe you in their beauty.

We retrace the town to return to the Chiappera School for your last evening.

Distance: 10.5 km
H+: 690
H-: 690
Time: 5.30 hours.

Day 8: Transfer to Chiappera-camoglieres

The next morning a transfer will take you back to Camoglieres.

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